Solar Power
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Site Analysis and Design

To determine the right system for you, a site analysis needs to be done. A survey of the site will determine
which systems can be utilized, and to determine the size of the system required based on your total energy
consumption. Some components of the site analysis are:

  • the distance between the battery bank/grid intertie and place of generation
  • Home size, energy usage, and requirements
  • Lay of the land (for wind, hydro, and hybrid systems)
  • Exposure to mid-day sun

Forms are available for calculating generation needs based on usage.
We will provide FREE site analysis which includes:

  • site consultation and survey
  • 2 hours of preliminary system design (complex systems will require more time and analysis).


Maintenance & Repairs

A $75 basic service charge plus labor and materials will be applied to all service and repair calls not covered under warranty. Service and maintenance contracts are available.

Make your home more energy efficient!

We can help you choose from a variety of energy-efficient appliances that will help your home consume fewer resources. Energy-efficient ranges, washing machines, toilets, refrigerators, solar exterior lighting, solar attic fans, and low voltage water pumps are some of the products that are available.

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